Has your portfolio had
its checkup lately?

Complimentary Portfolio Checkup

Check the "Health" of Your Retirement Plan

In investing, as in life, you can count on one constant: Things change, markets shift, fund managers develop new strategies, and your life evolves. These forces can change your portfolio, as well as your goals for it. So it can be important to perform regular checkups to assess your strategy, asset allocation, and individual holdings in light of your plans for the future.

Our Portfolio Checkup assesses the overall performance of your current investment portfolio. It will analyze the quality and sustainability of your portfolio and investment approach, while identifying improvements that can be made to help you more effectively meet your financial objectives.

You will receive a detailed summary covering these major checkpoints:

Investment Products
Are there unnecessary costs or restrictions that could affect my ability to access funds?

Can changes within the investment products negatively affect my portfolio allocation?

Account Inventory
Should my accounts be reorganized to minimize taxes or costs?

What are the true costs associated with all aspects of my portfolio?

Is my allocation of assets appropriate based on my goals and risk tolerance?

Do I have the necessary diversification to control and manage all possible risks?

Do I have too much or too little risk in my portfolio?

How should I evaluate my portfolio’s risk and what are the limitations of these measures?

What is rebalancing and is it necessary for my individual accounts or total portfolio?

What types of rebalancing methods are available and which one is best?

Is performance history reliable and what should it be compared to?

How should risk and potential downside be considered when assessing returns?

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