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Bravias Financial is an independent financial planning firm focused on retirement planning, insurance planning and investment management.  Over the years, we have helped our clients succeed by providing them with comprehensive, unbiased advice relating to all aspects of their personal financial situations.

Saving for retirement is only half the challenge – developing a plan to help make your retirement money last a lifetime is the other half. Whether your goals include planning for retirement, growing your wealth, developing income strategies, or managing risk better, designing the right approach is one of the most important steps you can take toward successfully reaching your goals.

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The amount you need in retirement could depend on the age you plan to retire, your desired lifestyle, the rate of return that you need to earn on your investments, your life expectancy, etc.  learn more ›

A sound financial plan should consider the insurance coverage you and your family members may need. Proper insurance planning can protect you and your family from the unexpected.  learn more ›

Protecting wealth can often be as difficult as creating it. With Bravias Capital Group, our team provides portfolio management services for individuals and businesses.
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A well-constructed strategy can help address your specific estate planning needs. Bravias Financial can create and implement a comprehensive estate plan to help protect your legacy.  learn more ›

Federal Benefits & Retirement Analysis

Complimentary Retirement Report

As Federal retirement specialists, we have the unique knowledge and understanding of the complexities of your FERS / CSRS benefits.

Everyday, we help Federal and Postal employees like you maximize their benefits by planning and preparing for the retirement lifestyle they have worked so hard to achieve. Equally as important, we help them avoid potentially devastating mistakes that could cost thousands of dollars over the course of their retirement.



In investing, as in life, you can count on several constants: things change, markets shift, strategies evolve, and your life goes on. These forces can change your portfolio, as well as your goals for it. So it can be important to perform regular checkups to assess your strategy, asset allocation, and individual holdings in light of your plans for the future.

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Just as your life has likely been nothing like your parents’, your retirement probably won’t be either. It used to be simple; sign up for Social Security, collect your pension, and sit back and enjoy the ride. You’ll likely live longer and have to rely more on what you’ve saved for income. And that means you may need to ensure your income and savings can last in retirement.

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