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Market Review June 2017

Market Review – June 2017 “ADAPTIVE EXPECTATIONS” “There’s an app for that,” so goes the buzz-phrase, which was created and later trademarked by a technology juggernaut. The expression describes a software revolution found inside smartphones and tablets. Now, as quantitative strategies pile into portfolios, investors will probably start saying, “there’s a quant for that”. The […]

Invest Lifestyle Expenses on Memorable Experiences

Invest Lifestyle Expenses on Memorable Experiences Financial envy is even more of a thing now than it was back in 1913 when cartoonist Arthur R. “Pop” Momand debuted the comic strip “Keeping Up with the Joneses,” which centered on the misadventures of Aloysius P. McGinnis and his family, who were always trying to keep up […]

Simple Tips for Ramping Up Your Retirement Savings

  Simple Tips for Ramping Up Your Retirement Savings No matter where you are in your life, saving for retirement is likely one of your most important financial goals. But, even if you have professional guidance and a clear strategy for your desired future, you could still be missing some straightforward ways to maximize your […]

Market Review – April 2017

A SEASON OF CHANGE You have probably heard it said before, “sell in May and go away”. This old stock market cliché refers to an anomaly known as seasonality. Its basic tenet instructs investors to hold stocks during the months of November through April. Then, stocks are sold and replaced with bonds in the other […]

Monthly Market Review – March 2017

IS “A BETTER WAY” BETTER? A Better Way. That is the name of the tax proposal made by the Republican Congress. Their intention, make the IRS code simpler and fairer, and put American taxpayers first. That sounds like a better way. Still, major tax reform is a powerful tool that will determine new winners and […]

Death is No Excuse

Death is No Excuse – Filing For The Deceased The federal government is an equal-opportunity tax assessor. Even the dead can’t escape taxes. The final accounting required of the deceased is not limited to an estate tax filing, but a federal income tax return must also be filed for the year in which the taxpayer […]

Monthly Market Review – February 2017

FINDING A NEW EQUILIBRIUM Present-day US market developments are being described as the Trump trade. After-all, since last year’s presidential election, major stock market indexes went on to make new highs, earning investors approximately 6% on price gains alone. Benchmark treasury yields returned to levels not seen in over two-years. Even the US treasury yield […]

Monthly Market Review – January 2017

Closing 2016 With A Bang! Stock market indexes finished the year with their own display of reworks. Depending on the stock market index, it was likely that a big chunk of its total price gains was made in the last two months of 2016. Conversely, nominal bonds began a cyclical bear market, that sent the […]

Market Review – December 2016

WHAT’S HAPPENING POST ELECTION? First there was Brexit. Then, Donald Trump surpassed the required 270 electoral college votes needed to become the next President-Elect of the United States. Next will be an upcoming election in France, that will likely be between François Fillon, a centre-right republican, and a far-right leader of the National Front, Marine […]

Balancing College and Retirement

  Balancing College and Retirement Are you faced with the dilemma of saving for your own retirement while at the same time trying to put money away for a child’s college education? How do you pursue both goals? How do you determine which is more important or what path to take? If this hard choice sounds familiar, you’re […]