State Public Employees

Helping State Public Employees Maximize Their Benefits And Retire Right

There is certainly no shortage of financial professionals that specialize in serving business owners, executives and high net worth families, however as a Public Employee working for a state, county or municipal government, chances are you have come to the painful realization that it is very challenging to find a financial advisor that truly understands the complexities of your PERS, TPAF or PFRS benefits – including your pension, 403b or 457 plans, State employee group life insurance options, and social security.

At Bravias Financial we specialize in helping state public employees maximize their benefits. We will develop a strategy to help you plan and prepare for the retirement lifestyle you have worked so hard to achieve. Equally as important, we can help you avoid potentially devastating mistakes and/or elections that could cost thousands of dollars over the course of your retirement.

Our specialties include:

  • PERS, TPAF and PFRS Retirement Benefits
  • State Employee Group Life Insurance
  • Calculating Your Pension
  • Retirement Income Planning
  • Health Insurance
  • Social Security’s Impact on Benefits
  • Long Term Care Planning

Confused about your state, county or municipal benefits?

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